Things I love right now

As time has gone on during this COVID-19 pandemic I've found it more difficult to staying focused. I've been struggling to hold my routines without my ability to engage in a regular workout routine (aka running). On the flip side I found that I'm having less difficulty with reading and absorbing (ingesting?) information. I'm flying through news reports, blog posts, and newsletters from all ends of my personal and professional development spectrum. As such, I want to write about some of the things I love right now.

Youtube fun

I watch A LOT of Youtube videos while on my bike trainer (OK, all of the time). Wayyy back in the day when I first started training for triathlon I was a purest who wouldn't even listen to music on the trainer. With age and a whole lot of relaxing I've fully embraced videos while riding my bike inside.

I LOVED this short film on climber Steph Davis. I've seen Free Solo and know some of the popular peeps in climbing but the rest of the climbing world is foreign to me. This is a fantastic film on a multifaceted athlete who has suffered some incredible loss in her life, yet she stands tall and keeps kicking ass. Give it a watch.

If we are taking about kicking ass I should also include a new film on Olympian and all around bad ass chick, Magda Boulet (we've met a few times!). Magda went after the fastest known time on the 172-mile Tahoe Rim trail last year and peeps filmed the journey. #Pain

Also, quick shout out to John Krasinski (my bf from The Office) who has been putting out SomeGoodNews out Youtube. These are fantastic. *I don't actually know John personally...

Email pivots

I absolutely love the way some businesses are pivoting their email marketing to reach people like me. I am not a typical consumer (buying new things on the regular) nor do I ever intend to be. But! Some of the marketing coming out during this pandemic is really growing on me.

I particularly love the way a Bay Area company is going about a newsletter pivot. Big props to Sports Basement for really turning on a dime and finding a way to draw me in. Sports Basement is doing the typical stuff a "gear" company would do right now like messaging Zoom yoga and spin classes. But they're also teaching me how to make things like a home-made vasa trainer. And their staff members are sharing out of the box workouts for climbing and swimming. I'm definitely more inclined to buy from them in the future, post-pandemic.

Ethics on training outside right now

I love the ethics pieces published by so many outfits right now. PodiumRunner has a short, insightful piece on "Trail Running Ethics in the Time of Coronavirus". The byline says: "Respect and care, for others and the environment, are called for when heading onto the trails, now more than ever."

Running is a privilege, especially on safe roads and trails. Don't abuse the privilege you have. Especially now.

The 2-Day Rule for consistency

I was reminded last week of something Youtuber Matt D'Avella coined last year, the 2-Day rule (or maybe it already existed and he popularized it?). Matt's 2-Day rule can be summed up into: Don't skip anything directly related to a major goal for more than 1 day in a row. You want to go run a marathon? Don't skip more than 1 day in a row of working out. Thinking of going to grad school? Don't skip more than 1 day in a row on work that needs to be done to get you there.

This is a general rule of thumb. Often there will be life circumstances that pull you away from this rule but, in good health and with the time to allocate, it's a great practice to use the 2-Day rule to work toward a goal.

Giving back to the endurance community

Looking for a way to support your local race director? Here is a great way to do so! Coastal Mountain Trail Running is producing limited edition head wraps and giving all proceeds to a local race director of your choosing. I purchased a few today, you should too! Side note, one of the peeps leading Coastal Mountain Trail Running is a guy by the name of Gary Robbins, he is a beast of a professional ultramarathon runner and has been featured on an incredible running documentary, Where Dreams Go to Die, about the Barkley Marathons.

Having fun

As I said in my intro, I'm having trouble with my focus and the seriousness of everything. I've taken to making short videos each day to help combat this. Christa gave me the idea for COVID-19 Seconds of my Day, so every day since April 1st I've been posting a 19 second video (get it? get it!?) about something normal, basic or ordinary in my shelter-in-place-life.

I've posted videos on everything from changing bed sheets to washing a mug to getting the mail. The video below starts the series off with my first video :)

How about you?

What are you loving right now? Has anything really helped to brighten your day when you're really struggling through these times?

Today is a good day to find something you love, and smile.

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Nick Brodnicki

March 7, 2021