Sharing is caring

We've all heard this before, right? Sharing is caring.

You've probably heard this in conjunction with the education of a young child who is more interested in not sharing. The concept applies well to adult life too.

Whether you're in the workplace, with friends or with your coach, sharing is caring. The more you can be open and honest about what you're experiencing in life the more you can help give others perspective and opportunity for empathy.

Think about how many times you've heard someone say something. Maybe a spouse (ie. Christa) has told you (ie. me) a million times that I should do something. The thought stays stuck in the back of my mind but I'm never able to execute on it for some reason.

Then someone else comes along and says the same thing to me in a slightly different way. That sharing, the caring Christa and my friend did for me, it helped my brain piece things together in a way that allows me to make a real step forward.

Comsuming the caring

I know my example is also grounds for listening vs hearing, paying attention and understanding, but that's not the point. The point is the more people share with you the more you can make better decisions. They cared enough to share. In the end, that caring gets you somewhere.

Over the years I've spend more hours than I can count consuming other people's sharing. I read everything I can get my hands on. Listen to tons of podcasts. Attend talks. Watch videos. Speak with athletes. So many people care enough to share their story and perspective. All of it has been incredibly helpful in my navigation of this life journey.

I realize not all sharing is useful or necessary. Some sharing is plain wrong and hurtful. Setting those cases aside, the amount of people who care enough and are willing to share with you is incredible.

Showing you care can be scary

I wrote about wanting people to know I care. That is a fundamental tenet of my coaching business and my overall life philosophy. I need to care about someone to really help them grow. I try to have my caring in my coaching help set me apart from the herd.

Outside of my 1 on 1 relationships in coaching (and friendship) I've been really reluctant to share. It's not that I haven't cared, I've been too self conscious to share.

I spent a chunk of years as a professional athlete and have a large history of overcoming medical obstacles. I have a unique perspective that can help people in sports and in life. Yet for years upon years I've lived with this imposter syndrome that what I write, say and do isn't useful. I'm not good enough.

I like to tell myself all the time that I'm not good enough. My standards have often placed me in a mental headspace that I haven't been able to create meaningful work. I'm not good enough. But... I am.

The first step is sharing

My first step in showing people I care is to tell you that I struggle mightily with feelings that when I share, it does not matters and it is not good enough. Of course it matters. Of course it's good enough. I have a really hard time believing that though.

Youtube comment

Every time I receive a nice comment on a Youtube video about my PE recovery I'm reminded that I am doing people a disservice by not sharing more. I'm helping people I don't know by sharing my story. I can help more. I can share more.

As this year begins to wrap up I'm going to be working on a strategy and a schedule to share more. To show people more often how much I care. To help more people and to be honest that this is not easy but it is what I should do. What I need to do. What you need to do.

Because nothing worth doing is ever easy. And hard work makes for a good day. And sharing is caring.

Today is a good day.

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Nick Brodnicki

March 13, 2021