Great posture

Do you have great posture?

I'm speaking to your physical AND mental posture. You should be thinking about both and how you can make them great.

Posture is defined both by the position in which you hold your body and your particular way of doing or handling something. While we often think of the first definition, we leave a lot to be desired in our exploration of the second. But really, both need a lot of work.

I'll start with the physical.

How are you holding yourself up? Do you stand and sit tall on your skeleture or do you use your muscles all wrong. This is critically important and often overlooked in running. It's also critically important in how we carry ourselves at work, with peers or in social situations.

Great posture is the first step in supporting yourself. This is the physical presence you bring to any environment. How does your posture help you present yourself to the world? How do you support your body? Running or otherwise.

Think about how you carry yourself. Are you presenting the posture that is both physically best for you and visually appropriate for the setting.

If the answer is yes, great! If the answer is no, ask yourself what you can do to be more present in your posture in all situations. Not only do you need but you want great posture as often as possible.

And now we talk the mental.

Because who ever thinks of their mental posture? Until recently, I certainly did not.

Synonyms for mental posture include attitude, stance, and point of view, among others. I would argue that the word posture gives all of these synonyms a good run for their money because none of them can take a mental framework and also present that in a physical way with your body.

Your mental posture, the way you mentally hold up an idea, argument or conversation, can be directly aligned with or challenged by your physical posture.

Think about when you feel down in the dumps, you tend to hunch. When you feel on the top of the world you stand tall. Your physical posture often follows the current state of your mental posture. Why can't you think about that the other way around?

What can you do to create great posture in your mind? What acts as your mental skeleton? Your principals, values, beliefs? Just as you can look in a mirror and reflect on your physical posture you can sure as heck look into your mind and reflect on your mental posture at any time.

Positively influence your posture

When your mental posture is anything but positive work on adjusting your physical posture. The two are connected, tie them together by using your physical to influence the mental. Stand tall, not small. Sit on your physical structure to reframe your mind.

If your body can follow your mind you can work to have your mind follow your body. Be present both physically and mentally. Be present in how you present yourself. This is paramount in performance regardless of the venue.

Today is a good day for great posture. How will you work on yours?

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Nick Brodnicki

March 13, 2021