Celebrating my successes [2020 Edition]

I'm part of a personal and professional development community (Catalyst Constellations) and we've recently been prompted to share our success from this year. This rough, rough year.

The context for the prompt revolves around the type of person I am. Someone who moves really fast all the time and after I blow by my big goals I rarely take the time to reflect on them and enjoy what I've accomplished.

I've been trying to slow down a few things in my life this year (Pandemic aside). So I'm taking this prompt as a challenge to share. And I hope you might slow down yourself, and appreciate all the good this year has brought (amongst all of the horrible, nasty, no-good-ness).

So. Here is to celebrating my successes for 2020. And celebrating your successes. Because you deserve to celebrate. Even the tiniest of things. It's time to be kind (to ourselves).

What success shall I celebrate?

Images of a man and woman embracing in front of the front door of a house
The masked buyers

Christa and I moved from California to Oregon. And it was not a pretty processes. Soooo celebrating that success. We also bought a fuckin' house. And I refinished the original kitchen floors. And updated a giant crawl space. Hell yes.

I started another gig (who can have too many?). I'm the community manager for the aforementioned community, Catalyst Constellations. (Side note, if you check us out and have interest, please let me know). These are my people. MY. PEOPLE. Oh, and I helped the co-founders launch their first book too.

Despite almost none of my athletes being able to race this year, when a handful finally did get to hit a race course over the last 2 months, a bunch have had really awesome PRs (personal record performances). It took a lot of creativity and flexibility to coach this year. I didn't always give people what they wanted or needed but I worked my best to meet everyone where they were in this SIP/Pandemic world. With athletes across 5 states right now, everyone has different rules and regulations. I'll be glad when this shakes itself out in another... year.... or two.

Success creation

I can celebrate the success of co-creating, co-producing, and hosting the America Heart Association's first ever livestream Virtual Reality gaming fundraiser. That's a mouthful. We did this with the former CEO of StubHub battling a C-Suite exec from Atlassian in a VR game of QuiVR. It was so much fun.

Videos. Boy, do I enjoy making videos. I created a short, 19 second video for two straight months during a portion of the pandemic lockdown in California. I LOVED making those videos. You can relive them here. Subscribe to me on Youtube!

I orchestrated an entire in-person live event (pre-pandemic) with high school kids in San Francisco around the Heart Association's "Quit Lying Day" (students calling out big tobacco/big vape). Our event garnered legit regional media attention and kudos from a pile of execs in the organization.

Christa and I successfully enjoyed a short vacation to Yosemite National Park. Bonus: we bought an Ansel Adams print from the original location of his studio in Yosemite. It doesn't get much cooler.

I've successfully grown a man bun. Because who doesn't love that???

Growing my success

I completed a Stanford University research-created Mindful Self Compassion course focusing on meditation and mindfulness practices. I got a business coach. And I got hella clarity on my personal mission, vision, and purpose. Holy snikes!

After 2ish years of waiting I've been accepted as a beta-tester for a new digital currency wallet backed by crypto, Eco. I'm successfully getting into the tech testing that I've always been fascinated by. (If you're interested in being a beta-tester please let me know, I can give you a referral link so you don't have to wait a year+)

I'm currently slower than my snail friends!

No training for me this year. I successfully have not trained for any athletic events this year. Ok, full disclosure, I can't due to the torn tendons in my pelvis. But that's not the point. I was successful in not trying to be prepared to race something. My exercise OCD has finally (at least for now) been kicked to the curb. It just is what it is. And I'm cool with that.

My writing practice ebbed and flowed but I, generally, wrote a lot more this year. Not always on the blog, not always on social media, but somewhere... most of the time.

And what a success it has been to have stopped using social media as much. I LOVE sharing but I strongly dislike the way social media makes that process work. Way too much anxiety and too little love for my tastes these days.

Although when I have shared, it has been primarily my photography. I saw success in taking lots of pictures this year. That has made me really happy.

A successful conclusion

Celebrating my successes for 2020 has been nice. [Party hat emoji] While I feel like I appreciate what I have I don't think I do a very good job giving my successes the space they need to be truly savored. Everything needs some space to grow. And if I want to build on everything I've accomplished this year then I need to slow down and give my success some water and sunshine.

And if we're talking proudest moments this year? How can I pick a favorite cat?! (It's a joke, I don't play favorites with the furr children). My proudest success is probably the success as a whole. Despite all the shit this year has thrown at me (and everyone), I have enjoyed a lot of personal growth. Christa and I accomplished even more, together. And I can recognize the privilege in much of my success and how I can work to give back appropriately too.

Let me know if you want to celebrate any of your 2020 successes with me. I'd love to hear :)

This year has been successful. Today is a good day.

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Nick Brodnicki

March 7, 2021