Hi! I'm Nick Brodnicki.

I'm a giant ball of catalytic energy.

Among the varied ways I look to expand my word view, I attempt to curate a collection of my thoughts on this site. Most of my posts relate to:

  • Personal development and identity formation
  • Content creation - both personal and business related
  • Technology - new tech, web and social strategy
  • Endurance athletics - triathlons, marathons, ultra running...
  • Creativity - anything!

My intention is to be a source of information and inspiration. I'm always evolving my knowledge and vantage points on topics I find interesting. I attempt to gain more personal clarity by sharing about topics here. #LearningMindset

And I love facilitating a process by which we can all be more informed about what we love (or love what we do!).

So, the learning.

My formal education includes a dual BA in Adolescent Education and US History and a MLS in Library and Information Studies. I LOVE research, learning, and teaching.

My less formal education is about a life lived through endurance sports including a stint as a professional triathlete (and living with a group of Olympians!). Let's also throw in having had every job from scrubbing toilets, to cleaning dishes, to teaching middle school, to community management, to corporate account management. I've also been creating content and copy writing for everyone from National Historical Sites, top non-profits, and a solid mix of business websites.

My really personal education comes from my most difficult moments. These include battling Meniere's Disease and managing unprovoked bilateral pulmonary embolisms (among countless other speed bumps in life).

So, what do I actually do?

  • Website development/social media strategy/copy writing
  • Coaching
  • Fun creative projects
  • Things I put on my LinkedIn

I speak from my heart. I try to keep things fun. And I love to share energy with others.
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